Comitees and topics

You can find bellow the different themes that the delegates will be discussing about in their respective committee.

Recent debates about glyphosate products have shown the tensions between organic farmers and agricultural biotechnology corporations. What stance should the European Union adopt to protect sustainable farming whilst safeguarding international partnerships vital for the European economy?

Chairperson : Eloïse Faverolle (FR)

Bullying at school can result in long term damage to mental health and social skills of children and teenagers. How can the European Union support Member States in the battle against this phenomenon?

Chairpersons : Eva Ruiz (FR) and Shirley Carr (IE)

As the Arctic ice is melting, a new field of economic opportunities is opening to the world with the possibility of taking advantage of new resources. Keeping in mind the fragile marine ecosystem of the region, what Arctic policy should the European states develop so as to ensure a sustainable exploitation?

Chairperson : Darius Schlaeppi (CH)

The linear ”Take, Make, Dispose” economic model is not sustainable for the planet in the long term. How can the European Union encourage and support the transition to a circular economy so as to reduce material waste?

Chairpersons : Stella Coti (FR) and Sacha Magnani (FR)

With the spread of digital tools, individuals are becoming more vulnerable to cyber attacks and hijacking of their personal data, especially when they lack basic information about their dangers. How can the European Union help its citizens to be better prepared to safely use NTIC?

Chairpersons : Emilie Deyres (FR) and Vafa Ahmadova (AZ)

The civil rights of LGBTQA+ persons are still not recognised in full in various Member States. How should the European Union better protect them while taking into account the diverse political, social and cultural backgrounds?

Chairpersons : Aurore Desruisseaux (FR)

With the rise of the far right and radicalism in Europe, discrimination against certain religious groups is on the rise. How can the European Union ensure that every religious belief can be freely exercised and peacefully coexist in the Member States?

Chairpersons : Tanguy Floch (FR) and Naira Nagervadze (GE)

Many countries close to Europe are still undergoing violent conflicts that endanger their safety and stability. How can the European Union make best use of the European Neighbourhood Policy to support peace in its surroundings?

Chairpersons : Yanis Lunetta (FR) and David Zalinyan (AM)

Terrorist attacks are regularly occurring on European soil. In addition to defence-related issues, concerns linked to the religious radicalisation of the people behind the assaults are emerging. What measures can the European Union take in order to fight radicalisation, in particular among the youth?

Chairpersons :

Eléonore Varale (FR) and Hugo Lestournelle (FR)